Enai nokki paayum thotta first look posters

He is a gem of man..
He is a man of beauty..
He is a man of intelligence..
He is a man of bravery..
He is a man of hardwork..
He is a man of success..
Lastly, he is the man of my world..

My love is true..
May be the person might be wrong
and not worth anymore..!

Robo 2.o movie first look
Rajinikanth, Akshay kumar, Shankar

No calls
No texts
But I am still here thinking about you like crazy

I got meaning
for my existence
after seeing you

i said love as lie before seeing you

Worst part of our life
is in a situation whether
wait for the miracles to happen
or leave

I want to see you
I want to talk to you
I want to hug you
I want to live with you
Totally, I love you

Don't miss the guy who will do
anything for you..!

Oru Thavaru Seidhaalll…Athai Therindhu Seidhaalll…Avan Dheavan Endraalum Vida Mattan…

I did big mistake
by giving too much importance
to you in my life

I don't want anything else other than being with you forever