Our eyes can't hide the pain

Simply waiting for you

Love is not in the sight
whom we see daily
but in the Heart

Everything that I am seeing is your face..
Everything that I am hearing is your voice..!

You are my happiness

I love you more
than words can show,

I think about you more
than you could ever know,

until forever this will
be true

Give me your shoulder
my dear friend,
I want to lean on..!

thaniyae thannandhaniyae naan kaaththuk kaaththu ninRaen
nilamae poRu nilamae un poRumai venRu viduvaen

Unnarugil varugaiyil ulle oar paravasam
Unnaale thozhane naan illai en vasam

Yaaro koodave varuvaar
Yaaro paadhiyil povaar
Adhu yaaru enna onnum
Namma kaiyil illaiye


Enakenna aanaalum
Sirippadhai Niruthaadhae

I love to watch movies with you..!

I love lyrics

I die everyday..
I will wait..
I will be waiting for your call..!

Unnakulle thaane Naan Irukaen, Unnakathu Puriyalayae..

That Heart hurting moment
when someone rejects
our love and care
for them

You are beyond everything
in my life

Ninaivaal Ini Naan Vaazha
Nathi Poal Ini Naal Poga
Ethanaal Ini Aarum Aarum En Kaayam

There comes a time where we will miss some precious persons in our life..!

Onna serndhu vaalaradhuku
matum than love pananumaa?!