Totally i love you

I am mad at you...!

Thol saaya
Thol illayael,
En vaalkai

Un udhattukkul irukkum oru vaarthai
Solli vittaal thodangum en vaazhkai

Un mounathil irukkum enna valigal
Kaadhal entraal mella saadhal entru solla

He gave all his  Inspiring thoughts, ignited minds, wings of fire, turning points to us...! What an inspiring man...!

Everytime I am thinking about one
who is thinking someone else...!

Nobody understands my pain

Wont you understand my feelings !!!????

Simply waiting for your call...!

We dont know the Value of the person
when they are with us...!

Nee Enna Paakkuramathiri
Naan Unna Paakkalaiyae
Naan Paesum Kaathal Vasanam
Unakkuthaan Kaekkalaiyae

My life is meaningless without you...!

That terrible moment when you come to know that your love will be meaningless anymore...!

That Awesome Excited
Priceless Proud
when you are praised by

I want to spend my entire life with you...!